L7 | Precision Diagnostics

deliver superior service with faster turn-around 

digitalize order-to-report

To deliver superior diagnostic service with decreased turn-around time (TAT) – with confidence in the results, the modern diagnostics organization needs improved data + process integrity, connectivity, and collaboration. The L7 Precision Diagnostics solution provides data and workflow automation and integration with data compliance to automate and accelerate diagnostic processes – from order-to-sample, and results-to-report.

L7 Precision Diagnostics workflow

business benefits



  • increase sample throughput
  • faster sample-to-report 


  • easy to access & documentation
  • better reproducibility 


  • CAP/CLIA/GLP/cGMP/CFR part 11/510(k)
  • improved accuracy of submissions for regulatory approvals 


solution capabilities



  • digitalizing, integrating, and automating scientific, analytical, and operational workflows
  • fully integrated and automated process (e.g., NGS workflow)
  • assurance of quality in results


  • better collaboration between all stakeholders


  • wet lab & sequencing instrumentation
  • electronic medical records (EMR)


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L7|ESP is an adaptable and customizable platform that streamlines process execution, provides a complete chain of custody from sample to report, and enables management of complex workflows.

Simon Hughes, Associate Director, CDx Assay Development, QIAGEN

L7|ESP provides a single platform to assure both control and compliance, while providing a seamless transfer of clinical operations to manufacturing operations.

Ernie Bognar, Chief Operations Officer, Gradalis, Inc.