L7 | Enterprise Science Platform (L7|ESP®)

a unified platform that contextualizes data and eliminates business silos via process orchestration

powering the life science digital revolution

Built by scientists for the life sciences community – relentlessly focusing on serving our customers in research, development, manufacturing, and diagnostics with the overall goal of better clinical and operational outcomes for the life sciences industry.

Our L7|ESP orchestration platform, along with FAIRification of process and data, improves business intelligence via data integration and contextualization, increases business velocity, and reduces costs.

purpose-built for the life sciences, based on industry 4.0 principles

The L7|ESP platform is developed based on the best practices of Industry 4.0, which has revolutionized how life sciences companies conduct their research and manage the production and distribution of their products. Incorporating technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cloud connectivity, AI, and machine learning, L7|ESP integrates these tools into the core drug discovery and manufacturing processes.

By leveraging Industry 4.0 principles, L7|ESP enhances process connectivity and efficiency, helping to speed up drug development and improve production. This integration not only increases operations efficiency but also relieves team members from repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on higher-value work and collaborate more effectively with advanced technologies.

L7|ESP is a comprehensive solution that facilitates the digitalization of data and scientific processes in life sciences organizations. It optimizes workflow orchestration and data management, improves task automation and execution, and can be expanded with tools for real-time analytics and insights, ensuring a maximum return on IT investments.

L7|ESP platform components

L7 enables you to meet evolving scientific and business needs with the tools to create, share, and reuse your own data and process models, and execute multi-party workflows with value chain partners, with the data integrity and provenance to support increased intelligence.


L7|MASTER (aka Builders) is a low-code authoring tool that enables your citizen-developers, scientists, and process engineers to design and develop new data and process models + variants.


L7|HUB is your repository of portable, standardized content—including workflows, data models, and analytics packages—organized in a searchable storefront.


To deliver on the promise of precision healthcare and life sciences, L7 enables the mining of data to generate prospective and predictive Intelligence and models.


What processes are we running?​

  • High-level
  • Summarize performance over time
  • Track performance metrics
  • Align to strategic goals


Are our processes under control?​

  • More detailed than trending reports
  • Monitor and analyze activities in a given business area
  • Exception alerting based on real-time data
  • Monitor progress towards a target
  • Designed to be viewed multiple times throughout the day
  • Can lead to direct action, further analysis, and improvement


Where do we need to improve our process?​

  • Analyze large volumes of data
  • Investigate trends, predict outcomes, and discover insights
  • Drill-down and ad-hoc querying
  • Monitor process-capability or method-variability to facilitate root-cause analysis


L7|EXCHANGE enables disconnected teams and partner organizations to securely orchestrate multi-party workflows–involving apps, processes, and legacy systems unique to each group.

Estimated release date: end 2025-early 2026

what we deliver with L7|ESP

L7 Informatics’ L7|ESP platform is a state-of-the-art solution for life science organizations seeking to digitalize their data and scientific processes, ensuring an optimal return on IT investments. This unified platform enhances workflow orchestration and data contextualization, addressing both current and future organizational needs.

L7|ESP not only automates and optimizes task execution but also offers a comprehensive approach to managing scientific and business processes. Additionally, it supports expansion with advanced trending and charting tools, providing real-time operational and scientific insights for enhanced decision-making.

an architecture for digitalization, resulting in shortened product lifecycles

The L7|ESP platform integrates all standard data information management systems, including L7 Notebooks, L7 LIMS, L7 MES, and L7 Scheduling, as well as other resources such as Instrument Connectors, Location, Custody of Chain, and more. Designed to also work with existing legacy systems, L7|ESP enhances data contextualization and consolidation under a unified platform, minimizing the need for multiple redundant systems. This innovative platform not only paves the way for future advancements but also significantly cuts legacy maintenance costs.


L7|ESP integrates all common data information management systems, such as L7 Notebooks, L7 LIMS, L7 MES, L7 Scheduling, and more!

By optimizing scientific data and process management across the entire product life cycle—from research to manufacturing—L7|ESP ensures more efficient operations, heightened transparency, and superior performance, ultimately accelerating quality and speed in process execution and fostering robust, organization-wide collaboration and visibility.


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