Learn what makes L7|ESP™
an ideal operating system
for science + health


L7|ESP has taken concepts of RPA Composable Unified platforms and wrapped them into an FDA regulatory compliance framework.


L7|ESP is a unified platform with a number of pre-built best-in-class apps: ELN, LIMS, Sample Management, Inventory, Analysis, EBR (Electronic Batch Records), Dashboards, Data, Intelligence, Environmental Monitoring, Builders, Search, etc.


L7|ESP comes with pre-populated content (for life sciences and healthcare) — data models, connectors, reports, protocols, methods and analytics packaged in a content store: L7|HUB. L7 customers’ operations, partners, and customers use the ESP|Builders, a low code development tool, to pull content down from the L7|HUB and “compose” new solutions and build new reusable primitives (building blocks).


L7|ESP ships with a wide rage of pre-built connectors to lab Instruments, bio-process equipment, analytics, AI/ML, 3rd party software systems, logistics systems, bar-code printers, etc.


L7|ESP supports execution of inline and/or off-line analytics (business intelligence, Al, bio-informatics and statistical analysis) as part of any workflow/process that is being automated. These analytics can be developed by L7, customer, or third-party COTS solutions (PowerBl). L7 ships an open-source version of analytical tools (called biobuilds).

synchronized solutions for science + health