L7 Notebooks

L7 Notebooks captures unstructured and structured data for research, assay, process, and analytical development

challenging the ELN status quo

Traditional methods like paper-based lab notebooks and spreadsheets are increasingly insufficient due to their well-known logistical, scientific, and data-related challenges. Annotating experiments, compiling results, and maintaining diligent records are labor-intensive, time-consuming, and prone to errors. Furthermore, the advent of advanced technologies, such as high-throughput and high-frequency measurement devices, has significantly increased the volume and complexity of data produced in R&D studies and experiments. The outdated paper and spreadsheet paradigms are ill-equipped for the realities of modern R&D. They lack the scalability needed to meet current business and scientific demands, offer no structure for data analysis in downstream processes, fail to integrate with broader laboratory systems, hinder collaboration, and complicate the retrieval of historical data.

introducing L7 Notebooks

L7 Notebooks provides a robust solution to the numerous challenges faced by life sciences research organizations, particularly those requiring streamlined operations, enhanced flexibility, and the capacity to swiftly adapt to market fluctuations.

Streamlined Protocol Transfer

Efficiently transition protocols from research to production, minimizing tech transfer times and ensuring consistent data recording and analysis.

Standardized Lab Processes

Create reusable templates that standardize laboratory processes, enhancing productivity and precision.

Enhanced Data Security and Access Control

Implement role-based user access and robust data security measures to facilitate secure cross-departmental collaboration.

Efficient Data Reporting

Rapidly query and report laboratory data for presentation to customers, managers, and other stakeholders.

L7 Notebooks outperforms traditional ELN systems

L7 Notebooks is part of the L7|ESP unified platform

L7 Notebooks is an integral component of the L7|ESP Unified Platform, which consolidates protocols and notebook library data within the same database that houses LIMS, inventory data, scheduling tools, and various other applications. This system leverages the existing workflow chain configurations of L7|ESP to automate task orchestration seamlessly. For instance, when a benchtop researcher logs a sample collection in Notebooks, the system automatically schedules the corresponding analytical procedure in L7 LIMS and then retrieves the results back into Notebooks for analysis and interpretation.

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L7 Notebooks

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By utilizing L7 Notebooks as part of the L7|ESP Unified Platform, researchers benefit from a seamless integration of structured and unstructured data which is what most experimental paradigms require. This ultimately leads to efficient tech transfer from research to production and streamlined research and production operations.

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