L7 Apps


L7 LIMS provides an effective and clear solution to streamline today’s complex laboratory operations which is incompatible with the paper and Excel paradigms. L7 LIMS is part of the L7|ESP Unified Platform with Workflow Orchestration and Data Contextualization, where samples are recorded, experiments are executed, inventory is tracked, and where protocols and workflows reside in the same database as L7 Notebooks, inventory data, scheduling tools, and a myriad of other applications. The system uses existing workflow orchestration chain configurations to automate task orchestration.

L7 Environmental Monitoring (EM)

an L7 LIMS add-on app

L7 EM is used for executing environmental monitoring and testing of cleanroom surfaces, air monitoring, and personnel monitoring. L7 EM provides scheduling capability as an add-on app to L7 LIMS to support all the testing.

L7 Stability

an L7 LIMS add-on app

L7 Stability, an add-on to L7 LIMS, is used for the automated scheduling of stability studies of manufactured batches of drug products and drug substances.

L7 Biorepository

an L7 LIMS add-on app

L7 Biorepository simplifies the way Sample Managers handle sample registration, receipt, and processing. With L7 Biorepository, labs can streamline their operations and ensure efficient sample processing, leading to improved productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction.

L7 Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

L7 MES is used for electronic data capture of batches. L7 MES supports equipment integration, automated calculations, inventory consumption, and asset usage. L7 MES has full support for part 11 compliant signatures and PDF generation of the batch record after the completion of the batch record.

L7 Notebooks

L7 Notebooks is used for capturing data while executing unstructured experiments for research and protocol/method/assay development.

L7 Scheduling

L7 Scheduling is used for the manual scheduling of manufacturing clean rooms.

L7 Inventory (included with L7|ESP)

L7 Inventory tracks the use and inventory levels of any consumables, such as reagents, kits, and other materials used in lab and manufacturing operations. L7 Inventory enables alerting of low inventory levels, reordering of supplies, and more.

L7 Location (included in L7|ESP)

L7 Location is used to manage containers (e.g., wells, plates, racks, storage boxes, freezers, labrooms, greenhouses, inventory storage, etc.) and all the samples/entities stored in them. L7 Location can also model virtual locations where samples and inventory items are stored.