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Manufacturing pharmaceutical products and managing patient treatments are complex and highly regulated processes. The need for efficiency and cost-effectiveness compounds these challenges. Speed is crucial to treatment efficacy in cell and gene therapy production and patient treatment management. Similarly, the production of biologics, such as monoclonal antibodies, must be conducted at the lowest possible cost while maximizing production capacity and enhancing operational agility. This is vital for any therapeutics manufacturing facility or laboratory.

The industry faces a significant challenge in suboptimal production and planning schedules, which lead to operational inefficiencies. An optimized production and planning schedule is essential for the swift and cost-effective delivery of high-quality therapeutic products. This involves maximizing the use of available resources—qualified staff, instruments, and equipment. Additionally, strict adherence to regulatory standards and full compliance are imperative, all without compromising operational efficiency.

introducing L7 Scheduling

L7 Scheduling provides a robust solution to the production and patient treatment management challenges faced by pharmaceutical manufacturing departments and organizations.

Smart Data Linking

Dynamically and automatically connects entries to L7|ESP’s schedulable data sources.

Priority-Based Scheduling

Enables efficient resource allocation based on task priority, expected completion dates, and duration.

Integrated Assignee Details

Incorporates essential assignee information, including workgroup, location, and equipment, into the scheduling process.

Unified Platform Integration

Seamlessly integrates into the L7|ESP Unified Platform, contextualizing data and orchestrating workflows across the analytical and manufacturing ecosystem.

System Synchronization

Ensures automatic synchronization with MES and LIMS applications for streamlined operations.

Complex Supply Chain Support

Addresses the complexities of real-world process supply chains and their scheduling demands.

Regulatory Compliance

Guarantees compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 for the production of small molecules, biologics, and cell and gene therapy products.

L7 Scheduling is part of the L7|ESP unified platform

L7 Scheduling integrates seamlessly with the L7|ESP Unified Platform, featuring a robust Workflow Orchestration and Data Contextualization System. This system centralizes data from MES, LIMS, inventory, and many other applications in a single database. Utilizing the existing L7|ESP workflow chain configurations, the system automates task orchestration, offering a comprehensive approach to lab process management. L7|ESP can also be enhanced with data trending and charting tools for detailed single-batch and cross-batch analysis and reporting.

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By utilizing L7 Scheduling as part of the L7|ESP Unified Platform allows researchers to run their laboratories at capacity with optimized resource utilization and staff schedules. Automating the administrative burden with L7|ESP allows laboratory staff to focus on high-value activities while optimizing production cost-effectiveness.

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