L7|ESP® for Ag-Bio

driving sustainable innovations

Agricultural biotechnology (Ag-Bio) can be an important tool for addressing the causes and consequences of climate change and for achieving important societal goals such as reduced poverty, improved global food security, and reduced environmental impacts from agriculture. That’s why agricultural biotechnology is part of L7|ESP™ platform for a healthy planet and sustainable future.

For Ag-Bio organizations involved in the development of advanced seeds and plant breeds, L7|ESP provides a comprehensive and unified platform that enhances visibility, digitalizes operations, and optimizes scientific research workflows. With seamless integration and automation of data and processes, L7|ESP empowers crop sciences research and development with end-to-end scientific information management, providing complete control, compliance, and synchronized collaboration across all stakeholders.

​advanced ​s​eeds and ​p​lant breeds

The development of advanced seeds and plant breeds holds immense potential for enhancing agricultural productivity and sustainability. L7|ESP offers invaluable support to companies in this sector, providing a unified platform that streamlines data management, analysis, and collaboration throughout the seed breeding and development process. By leveraging the powerful capabilities of L7|ESP, Ag-Bio companies can accelerate their research and contribute to the creation of innovative plant varieties that address the evolving needs of the agricultural industry.

L7|ESP serves as a comprehensive data management system for new seed and plant breed development, facilitating the integration and organization of diverse datasets. From genetic information and breeding trials to phenotypic data and environmental factors, L7|ESP’s unified platform ensures efficient handling and analysis of complex data. By leveraging advanced analytics tools, researchers and breeders can uncover valuable insights, identify genetic markers, and make informed decisions in their pursuit of developing new and improved plant varieties. The platform’s collaborative features allow secure data sharing, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and enabling efficient feedback loops. By facilitating effective communication, L7|ESP accelerates the exchange of ideas and collective problem-solving, ultimately enhancing the success rate of new seed and plant breed development.
Ag-Bio companies can leverage L7|ESP’s capabilities to streamline workflows, gain valuable insights from complex data, and foster collaboration among breeders and researchers. With L7|ESP, Ag-Bio companies can drive innovation, develop sustainable agricultural solutions, and contribute to addressing the global challenges of food security and agricultural sustainability.

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