ESP has 3 types of content. (1) Workflows (2) data models (3) Analytics.

L7 is continually adding more content to the ESP platform – please contact us for the latest content library.


Out-of-the box workflow support, please contact us for the latest and growing list of out-of-the-box workflows. Workflows that are not on this list can be developed by the L7 bio-informatics team.

  • Illumina HiSeq/NovaSeq/MiSeq sequencing
  • gDNA library preparation
  • Exome capture, multiplexed
  • DNA extraction from tissue, blood or FFPE
  • RNA isolation from tissue, blood or FFPE
  • RNA-seq library preparation
  • PacBio RS II sequencing
  • PacBio Genome library preparation
  • PacBio Amplicon library preparation
  • Kapa Quant Library Concentration
  • User-prepared libraries for Illumina sequencing

data models

ESP has a rich set of data models supporting various business processes in life sciences and health care. Some of the supported models include

  • Translational oncology sample management models
  • Gene expression studies
  • Inventory (reagent and supply management models)
  • Sample storage and sample ingest and tracking models
  • Phenotype and Genotype models for oncology and rare-diseases
  • Plant and animal genomics models
  • L7 continues to add data models every release – contact L7 for the latest list of data models


Rich collection of bio-informatics, AI, machine learning and statistical software packages all compiled with common libraries to operate in the same environment

  • A standard, platform independent, relocatable package structure enables easy search, usage & deployment.
  • Versioned binary releases of all tools aid in validation and reproducibility.
  • Vendor optimized versions of specific tools ensure high performance on cutting edge hardware.
  • Inclusion of all supporting libraries ensures tools “just work”.
  • A single source of provenance for all tools streamlines certification processes (e.g., FDA,CLIA).
  • A complete list of analytics packages is available at:

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