L7|ESP™ for Health Systems

improving patient outcomes

For Health Systems involved in Research, Diagnostics, and Advanced Therapeutics, L7|ESP enables these organizations to focus on the clinical pathways and treatment protocols while automating and streamlining all the workflows and data capture across the clinical pathway in a regulatory-compliant platform (CAP/CLIA/cGMP/CFR part11 and HIPAA). L7|ESP integrates with scientific instruments, medical devices, imaging systems, EMR, ERP, lab informatics, and digital pathology systems to provide end-to-end tracking of the patient treatment with complete audit and decision support capabilities.


Research is a cornerstone of the healthcare industry, driving advancements in medical knowledge and patient care. L7|ESP offers comprehensive support to health systems and research institutions, providing a unified platform for efficient data management, analysis, and collaboration. From conducting clinical trials to studying disease patterns and exploring innovative treatment approaches, L7|ESP streamlines the research process and empowers institutions to accelerate discoveries.
With L7|ESP, health systems can seamlessly integrate and organize diverse datasets from various sources, including genomics, proteomics, and clinical information. The platform’s advanced analytics tools enable researchers to uncover meaningful insights, identify correlations, and discover potential biomarkers. By facilitating collaboration and data sharing among multidisciplinary research teams, L7|ESP drives collaborative breakthroughs and enhances the translation of research findings into clinical practice.
L7|ESP empowers health systems and research institutions in their pursuit of groundbreaking discoveries. By offering a unified platform for data management, analysis, and collaboration, L7|ESP streamlines research processes and accelerates the translation of findings into clinical practice. With L7|ESP’s advanced analytics tools and seamless data integration, health systems can drive interdisciplinary collaboration, uncover meaningful insights, and make significant contributions to advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care.

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Connect with the L7 Team to find out more about the work we did with WashU, GEIC, and GTAC.


Diagnostics play a crucial role in healthcare systems, enabling accurate disease detection, monitoring, and treatment decisions. L7|ESP supports health systems and diagnostic centers in optimizing diagnostic processes through efficient data management and analysis. By seamlessly integrating and analyzing data from various diagnostic modalities, L7|ESP enhances diagnostic accuracy and improves patient outcomes.
L7|ESP’s centralized data management system enables health systems to efficiently access and interpret diverse diagnostic data, including medical imaging, laboratory results, and patient information. The platform’s advanced analytics capabilities facilitate precise disease classification, early detection, and personalized treatment selection. Additionally, L7|ESP’s collaborative features streamline communication among healthcare professionals, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and ensuring comprehensive patient care.
L7|ESP enhances the capabilities of health systems and diagnostic centers, enabling accurate and efficient diagnostic practices. Through its comprehensive data management and analytics features, L7|ESP optimizes the integration and interpretation of diverse diagnostic data, improving diagnostic accuracy and patient outcomes. With L7|ESP’s collaborative tools, healthcare professionals can seamlessly communicate, ensuring comprehensive patient care and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration in the pursuit of accurate diagnoses and effective treatment decisions.

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Connect with the L7 Team to find out more about the work we did with Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine.

advanced therapeutics

Health systems play a pivotal role in the development and delivery of advanced therapeutics, revolutionizing patient treatment options. L7|ESP supports health systems in this field by providing robust data management and analysis capabilities. From cell and gene therapies to immunotherapies, L7|ESP facilitates the complex data handling and processing required for advanced therapeutic research and implementation.
By integrating and analyzing diverse data types, such as genomics, patient outcomes, and treatment responses, L7|ESP empowers health systems to identify biomarkers, predict treatment efficacy, and optimize therapeutic approaches. The platform’s customizable workflows and automated pipelines enhance the efficiency of advanced therapeutic development and manufacturing, enabling health systems to accelerate the translation of research into clinical applications.
L7|ESP empowers health systems to drive innovation and advancements in advanced therapeutics. By providing robust data management and analysis capabilities, L7|ESP enables health systems to integrate diverse datasets, identify biomarkers, and optimize therapeutic approaches. With L7|ESP’s customizable workflows and automated pipelines, health systems can streamline the development and manufacturing of advanced therapeutics, accelerating the translation of research into clinical applications. L7|ESP plays a pivotal role in the progress of health systems, empowering them to deliver cutting-edge therapies and improve patient outcomes.

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Connect with the L7 Team to find out more about the work we did with Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey.

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