L7|ESP gives agrigenomics companies complete visibility over all their operations while digitalizing, integrating, and automating scientific research, analytical, and operational workflows such as vectoring, trait selection, transformation, sampling, transient selection, regeneration, phenotyping, genotyping, molecular characterization, propagation, GH storage, shipments, and field trials. Crop sciences research and development require a modern end-to-end scientific information management solution that automates and synchronizes data and processes across all stakeholders, giving complete visibility, control, and compliance. The L7|ESP platform provides out-of-the-box apps, including ELN, LIMS, inventory, assets, location, analysis, data, projects, dashboards, reports, e-signatures, etc.

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Our platform allows for better collaboration between researchers and scientists from research and development by placing them on a single operational platform with full audit capabilities.


L7|ESP offers a workflow management system that handles process orchestration and data provenance throughout the “transformation” workflow for “biolistics” or “CRISPR” experiments on any crops.


L7|ESP automates data management in everything from experimental setup, greenhouse transfers, pollination, harvesting, and reporting.


Our platform is able to provide reliable and easily accessible data documentation to facilitate sample to answer provenance for all precision agriculture research and development data.

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L7|ESP for precision agriculture

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