L7 | Digital+Science

modern tools for digitalization and transformation across the scientific enterprise and extended value chain

digitalization + transformation

Digitalization and Transformation are no longer buzzwords – but a business imperative. L7 enables you to meet evolving scientific and business needs with the tools to create, share and reuse your own data & process models, execute multi-party workflows with value-chain partners, with the data-integrity and provenance to support increasing intelligence.


L7 | MASTER (aka Builders) is a low-code authoring tool that enables your citizen-developers, scientists, and process engineers to design and develop new data and process models + variants.

L7 | HUB

L7 | HUB is your repository of portable, standardized content—including workflows, data models, and analytics packages—organized in a searchable storefront.


To deliver on the promise of precision healthcare and life sciences, L7 enables the mining of data to generate prospective and predictive Intelligence and models.


What processes are we running?​

  • High-level
  • Summarize performance over time
  • Track performance metrics
  • Align to strategic goals


Are our processes under control?​

  • More detailed than trending reports
  • Monitor and analyze activities in a given business area
  • Exception alerting based on real-time data
  • Monitor progress towards a target
  • Designed to be viewed multiple times throughout the day
  • Can lead to direct action, further analysis, and improvement


Where do we need to improve our process?​

  • Analyze large volumes of data
  • Investigate trends, predict outcomes, and discover insights
  • Drill-down and ad-hoc querying
  • Monitor process-capability or method-variability to facilitate root-cause analysis


L7 | EXCHANGE enables disconnected teams and partner organizations to securely orchestrate multi-party workflows–involving apps, processes, and legacy systems unique to each group.

L7|ESP is an adaptable and customizable platform that streamlines process execution, provides a complete chain of custody from sample to report, and enables management of complex workflows.

Simon Hughes, Associate Director, CDx Assay Development, QIAGEN

L7|ESP provides a single platform to assure both control and compliance, while providing a seamless transfer of clinical operations to manufacturing operations.

Ernie Bognar, Chief Operations Officer, Gradalis, Inc.