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Solving Laboratory Note-Taking Problems with L7|ESP’s Electronic Lab Notebook App – A Digital First Implementation

by L7 Informatics | posted on April 25, 2023

Lab research, which is crucial for scientific advancement and innovation, has always relied on note-taking to keep track of experiments, observations, and results. Unfortunately, traditional paper notebooks pose several problems for researchers, including the risk of loss or damage, logistical issues, and difficulty in structuring the data for analysis. Some organizations use an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) point solution, however, these also have their own limitations, such as a lack of integration with other lab systems, challenges in data sharing and management, and the need for manual data entry.


L7’s Enterprise Science Platform, or L7|ESP™ for short, is a unified software platform that can address these challenges and provide several additional benefits to the scientific community. L7|ESP provides end-to-end capabilities for laboratory data management, analysis, and reporting. Unlike point solutions that only address a single aspect of the data management process, L7|ESP offers a comprehensive suite of business applications that work seamlessly together, such as LIMS, LES, MES, ELN, Clin Ops, etc…, to support life sciences and healthcare organizations’ entire data and workflow management.


Here are some of the key benefits of L7|ESP’s ELN app:

  • A unified platform allows data to exist across multiple applications but still be referenced and used as a whole, meaning researchers can connect their notes to other relevant data, such as entities, samples, and instruments, creating a more comprehensive view of their research.
  • A unified platform can help structure unstructured data to enable better searching and analysis. This feature allows researchers to save time by finding relevant information quickly, and making it easier to identify trends and patterns across experiments.
  • Using a unified platform across different lab functions reduces the cost of learning and maintenance, since researchers can use the same system for multiple purposes.
  • Automatic data capture from instruments to the notebook reduces the chance of manual entry errors, saving time and improving data quality.
  • A unified platform also enables researchers to move their protocols up the continuum from research to product development and manufacturing. This reduces the time and cost of tech transfer, which can be a significant hurdle for researchers looking to bring their discoveries to market.


As a scalable, cloud-based platform, L7|ESP provides a centralized repository for lab data, automatic data capture from instruments and sensors, and integration with other lab systems. The platform enables organizations to better organize and structure their lab data, reducing the need for manual data entry and improving data sharing and management. In other words, by providing a digital-first implementation with a more comprehensive view of lab data, improved data quality, and reduced time and cost of tech transfer, L7|ESP enables researchers to spend more time focused on their science and less time worrying about data management.


If you’re interested in streamlining your laboratory data management and want to see firsthand how L7|ESP can help your organization, we invite you to schedule a demo. Our team of experts will walk you through the platform and show you how L7|ESP can address the challenges of traditional point solutions, improving productivity and scientific advancement. Contact us today to learn more!