Global Value Web + L7 Informatics Webinar | Unified Platform for Life Sciences Value Chain: People, Data, Process

January, 24, 2023

Louis Hendriks, Founder & CEO at Global Value Web
Vasu Rangadass, CEO & President at L7 Informatics​

A complex life sciences environment demands a resilient value chain and transformed business model that break down data silos, reduces turnaround times, and places patients at the center of your operations. With an industry-wide connected value chain, data is readily available and accessible, which enables informed decision-making and quick reactions to disruptions in the supply chain. This also contributes to data integrity and on-time delivery of quality products.

Please join us for this webinar with L7 CEO Vasu Rangadass and GVW Founder & CEO Louis Hendriks. We will discuss its approach toward a life sciences value chain data backbone of the future by integrating People, Data, and Process to deliver better business and patient outcomes.
Key Takeaways
• Building a Life Sciences Value Chain Data Backbone of the future
• Creating a Unified Enterprise Science Platform for Pharma Operations
• Improving Utilization and Efficiency through Data Intelligence
• Ensuring real-time availability of data
• Integrating the right digital innovation and strategy
• Engaging with Industry peers and sharing Common Learnings
Who Will Benefit
From C-level executives through Quality VPs, Directors, from managers to the knowledgeable professionals in the lab.