Global Value Web + L7 Informatics Webinar | Unified Platform for Life Sciences Value Chain: People, Data, Process

October ​13​, 202​2​

Louis Hendriks, Founder & CEO at Global Value Web
Vasu Rangadass, CEO & President at L7 Informatics​

Sammy Datwani, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Development, Synthego
Kevin Gordon, Chief Digital Officer, Ori Biotech
Delara Motlagh, Ph.D., General Manager, Cell Therapy Technologies, Terumo BCT
Yan Zhang, Ph.D., CEO, Mission Bio

A complex life sciences environment demands a resilient value chain and transformed business model that break down data silos, reduces turnaround times, and places patients at the center of your operations. With an industry-wide connected value chain, data is readily available and accessible, which enables informed decision-making and quick reactions to disruptions in the supply chain. This also contributes to data integrity and on-time delivery of quality products.

Please join us for this webinar with L7 CEO Vasu Rangadass and GVW Founder & CEO Louis Hendriks. We will discuss its approach toward a life sciences value chain data backbone of the future by integrating People, Data, and Process to deliver better business and patient outcomes.
Key Takeaways
• Building a Life Sciences Value Chain Data Backbone of the future
• Creating a Unified Enterprise Science Platform for Pharma Operations
• Improving Utilization and Efficiency through Data Intelligence
• Ensuring real-time availability of data
• Integrating the right digital innovation and strategy
• Engaging with Industry peers and sharing Common Learnings
Who Will Benefit
From C-level executives through Quality VPs, Directors, from managers to the knowledgeable professionals in the lab.

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