L7 Informatics Expands European Operations to Strengthen Commitment to Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries


Austin, Texas – July 11th, 2023– L7 Informatics, Inc, the leading provider of scientific solutions for research, development, manufacturing, and quality control, is delighted to announce the expansion of its European operations, reinforcing its dedication to serving the pharmaceutical and biotech industries with advanced capabilities. This strategic move emphasizes L7’s commitment to delivering unparalleled support and innovation to its European clientele and solidifies its position as a trusted partner.

By leveraging its expertise in scientific data and process management platforms, L7 empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of their data and make informed decisions that drive scientific breakthroughs and operational excellence.

L7 Informatics understands the critical role played by streamlined data management and efficient workflows. L7 equips scientists, researchers, and process engineers with the Apps (ELN, LIMS, MES, SCHEDULING, INVENTORY, LOCATION) needed to accelerate research, discovery, development and manufacturing, and testing of drug products and substances. These applications being on a single unified data platform also helps improve operational efficiencies and ensure regulatory compliance and seamlessly contextualize diverse departmental data and enhance company-wide decision-making and AI/ML capabilities.

Vasu Rangadass, President & CEO of L7 Informatics, emphasized the importance of L7’s capabilities within the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, stating, “At L7, we recognize the significant impact that streamlined operations and optimal data utilization have on the success of these organizations. Our solutions are designed to address the unique operational challenges faced by the industry, enabling organizations to drive efficiencies, improve outcomes, and ultimately make a positive impact on patient lives.”

The newly established operations will serve as pivotal hubs for L7’s European commercial efforts. With this presence, L7 aims to provide localized support and tailored expertise to life science organizations across the region. This expansion will also enable L7 to work closely with its European partners, fostering collaborations that drive the adoption of scientific data and process management platforms as opposed to point solutions that are prevalent in the market today.

About L7 Informatics:
L7 Informatics, Inc is a leading provider of integrated scientific data and analytics solutions. The company offers a comprehensive platform that enables seamless data integration, advanced analytics, and collaborative workflows, empowering scientists and researchers to accelerate discoveries, improve operational efficiencies, and drive innovation. L7’s mission is to revolutionize how scientific data is managed, analyzed, and utilized, facilitating breakthroughs in research, drug discovery, development, and manufacturing.

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