Applications in ESP are discrete software modules with specific functions. Rather than having to manage a full platform solution with some functions that you might need, L7 modularized ESP deployment to match your workflow’s requirements. Only use the tools you need, while knowing that additional functionality is only an app or two away. Because all apps are built on top of ESP, you can be confident that the provenance of your processes and data will remain intact regardless of the apps you use now or add in the future.


  • Allows the user to run experiments, perform sample data entry, view electronic copies of procedures, etc.
  • Provides the ability to view active experiments, along with the associated workflows, statuses, and owners


  • Graphically visualizes operational information on objects, such as projects, samples, inventory, workflows, etc.
  • Displays a variety of resizable and draggable widgets


  • Provides the ability to quickly locate objects, such as containers, samples, projects, etc.
  • Allows the user to search by various fields and tags
  • Displays a Google-like user interface


  • Manages tasks and pipelines in ESP
  • Designed primarily for bioinformaticians and software developers
  • Includes a number of tools and views catered toward working with compute resources and command lines
  • Has a drag-and-drop Report Builder tool that allows users to quickly create dynamic reports using registered output files and custom content


  • Data management system that tracks and monitors
  • Files (input and output) associated with samples, experiments, and reports
  • File content, history, and location


  • Allows the user to create Container Types and Instances, such as “Rooms”, “Fridges” “Freezers”, “Racks”, “Boxes”, “Well Plates”, etc.
  • Other Containers, e.g. placing a Box inside of a Rack inside of a Freezer
  • Samples, e.g. placing Samples inside of a Box or Well Plate


  • Tracks consumables, e.g. reagents and kits, along with other laboratory materials
  • Allows the user to see which items are on-hand, adjust available stocks, and view the per-item utilization ledgers


  • Central application for creating and managing samples, such as specimens, subjects, extracts, etc.
  • Supports importing data from custom file formats using configured ETL scripts


  • Builds metadata models for all other applications

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