L7 | CHATS product release

L7|ESP™ 3.2 is Better, Faster, and Stronger!

by L7 Informatics | posted on September 13, 2023

First off, a big “Thank You” to all our customers for actively sharing their insights about L7|ESP – it’s our mission to continuously adapt and enhance product capabilities to help our evolving customers achieve their work goals.

The Daft Punk song Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger nicely applies to our latest L7|ESP release, L7|ESP 3.2, where we focused on improving performance stability to ensure fast operations. Enhancements made to the platform now support faster, and stronger performance even when the database size increases.

Additional release highlights include an improved Notebook UI for easier navigation, review and approval of Notebook entries, streamlined  L7|HUB™ bundles into the creation and update process, and several updates to L7|MASTER™, formerly known as Builder, to support more LIMS and MES processes. Here are some release highlights.



Notebooks library creation and management

The Notebooks app now has an improved UI where users can create a new notebook library that will be used to organize the entries created during experiments. The Notebooks tab also supports easy navigation through existing notebooks using search, filter, and manage functions.

Signatures in Notebook Entries

L7|ESP now allows assignment or modification of a signature flow after creating the notebook entry. This allows users to submit a notebook entry for review by selecting “Request for Review” after making changes to the entry.



L7|HUB: Bundle Review – signed Bundle approval and retraction

Added the ability to Plan a Bundle Review for new and existing bundles. Relevant stakeholders can approve or reject the developed content solution. Bundles planned for review can be modified or deleted as needed. Bundle Reviews can also be retracted.

After a Bundle Review is created it can be monitored to determine how many signatures are needed easily and the flow of approvals.


L7|MASTER™ (formerly Builders)

Renamed the Builders app to L7|MASTER.

Container Statuses to Support MES & LIMS 

Containers may now be assigned a status.  Users can also specify that the status of a container changes after a selection is saved to the database.  

Super User Access to Protocols and Workflows

Super users can now see workflows where a particular protocol is used or the workflow chains where a particular workflow is used so that they can access processes that may be impacted if changes to a workflow or protocol are made.

Protocol Actions for Starting Downstream MES Workflows

Added support for a Protocol Action that initiates a separate MES-based workflow chain, which allows users to create a downstream batch automatically while finishing the upstream batch.



EBR, BOM, and Reports

Added support for non-quantity items in the bill of materials (BOM) tab and report.  Users can see consumables (non-quantity inventory items) on a separate table in the BOM report, allowing for tracking of items that have quantities more easily.

MES Internationalization 

Added support for localization to MES.



LIMS processing performance enhancements

Performance of LIMS operations has been improved in 3.2 relative to 3.1 with a focus on both faster operations as well as improved performance stability as database size increases. Impacted operations include:

  • Experiment creation
  • Sample sheet creation
  • Sample sheet save
  • Workflow chain transition processing
  • Sample sheet data access in pipelines
  • Ingest app ingest instance list load time
  • Analysis app monitor list load time
  • Container list load time


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