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L7 | ESP 3.0

by Patrick Rose, Director of Product Management | posted on March 01, 2022

​​Data is the lifeblood of any organization. L7 is focused on ensuring that all of your data is readily available and error-free so you can gain valuable insights across your enterprise. We produce intelligent tooling to help transform how you look at the data in ways you never thought possible. 

We are constantly working with our customers and prospective customers to make sure that we are driving our roadmap forward in a meaningful way. With the upcoming release of L7|ESP 3.0, we are excited to announce a few of the strategic enhancements:

Increased collaboration: L7 understands the need for a unified data platform to reduce siloed data and the need for a diverse software ecosystem that requires multiple systems that talk to each other. We understand the need to do this quickly, with ease and flexibility, in a low-code/no-code (LC/NC) fashion that L7 and your citizen developers can use to accelerate your science.

Increased velocity + efficiency: The ability for a unified platform to help reduce your data silos, improve operational efficiencies, and reduce errors are paramount to L7, continuing to build on our 20 + applications and ensuring we are not only helping to grow with you as a customer but also with the ever-increasing speed of scientific change. We want to immediately impact how a system like ours gets to you and what you can do with it.

Increase compliance: L7 wants to be a part of your regulatory roadmap, helping to support you in all your needs, including any submissions such as 510(k) companion diagnostic for a medical device.

Increased composability: The way software is transferred to customers and installed is essential, so ensuring we think about the future ways of doing that either by container type deployments or the ability to have shared the data with CROs or external partners in a secure way. 

We are eager to share these new enhancements and more with you as part of  L7|ESP 3.0, which will be available later this spring. Have questions or thoughts on our areas of focus or 3.0? We are always looking for partners to help shape the future of our roadmap. Please feel free to drop us a line.


Patrick Rose, Director of Product Management

Patrick Rose has 15 years in the Lab Informatics Industry and is currently a director of product management at L7 Informatics. Patrick has spent his career working directly with the customers to understand their challenges and ensuring their needs come first. He is currently working on holistic digital transformation of the lab and how the lab of the future can help scientists better understand the data and accelerate science.