product update

Intro to L7|HUB

by Brandon Varela | posted on February 13, 2023

L7 Informatics Inc. is excited to unveil the L7|HUB, a groundbreaking application that is set to revolutionize the way scientists collaborate and share digital scientific content, including data models, instrument connectors, manufacturing recipes, workflows, and many more.


Current systems often fall short when it comes to collaboration and managing and sharing digital scientific content in a robust and repeatable manner. The L7|HUB changes that by providing scientists with an easy way to collaborate and share digital scientific content with their peers, colleagues, and trading partners.


At L7, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way science is done. Our Enterprise Science Platform (L7|ESP) is an extremely flexible and configurable platform, empowering our customers to digitalize their operations. Scientists can easily create and maintain digital scientific content that accurately represents their scientific methods and operational processes using the L7|MASTER. 


With the addition of L7|HUB capabilities, scientists can now securely move and share content between instances of L7|ESP (Development, QA, UAT, and Production) and their colleagues across the globe. This will allow L7 customers to rapidly roll out new scientific content across their global ecosystem of labs ensuring repeatability and reproducibility of their science.


In addition, L7 is developing standard digital scientific content so that scientists have these assets at their fingertips. These assets include L7|ESP configurations and data models needed to process samples, genomic sequencing workflows, compendial QC methods, and many more. With just a few clicks, L7 customers can connect from their instance of L7|ESP to the L7|HUB server hosted by L7 Informatics, browse through the content library, and install industry-standard digital scientific content. For example, a scientist could easily install workflows to perform next-generation sequencing on blood samples, including preparing samples, connecting to common instruments to exchange data, performing data analyses, and creating reports to uncover new insights to share with colleagues.


“With the L7|HUB and industry-standard scientific content, we are striving to revolutionize how the scientific community creates, collaborates, and shares digital assets to foster scientific discoveries,” said Brandon Varela from L7’s Product Development team.