Global Value Web Partners with L7 Informatics to Drive Integrated Value Chain Processes for Better Patient Outcome

by L7 Informatics | posted on May 30, 2023

Global Value Web (GVW) is proud to announce a partnership with L7 Informatics, a thought leader in providing integrated technology platforms for Life Science and Pharma companies.

This partnership extends GVW’s vision of a globally connected Life Sciences Value Chain that focuses on better patient outcomes. Global Value Web’s expertise in connecting data across the value chain combined with L7 Informatics Technology enables handling the challenges of integrating datasets, preventing data silos, and bridging the gap between life sciences and healthcare data.

This unique and like-minded partnership between GVW and L7 Informatics aims at driving the process and data-centric approach vs. the traditional product-centric siloed approach in pharma and life science value chain by:

  • Building a standardized data backbone across the value chain of pharma and life science enterprise to give end-to-end visibility enabling informed decision-making.
  • Creating a unified enterprise science platform to drive more efficient digitization and effective tech transfer, resulting in overall cost reduction through time savings.
  • Removing the multiple data /technology silos through connected and accessible processes to enable the industry to react rapidly and timely manner to disruptions and support the better patient outcomes.
  • Improving technology utilization and efficiency through flexible, compliant and integrated platform


GVW’s Founder and CEO, Louis Hendriks says, “We are a trusted transformation partner for our clients. GVW has the subject matter experts, in-depth industry knowledge, technical knowhow to make the technologies work successfully. GVW’s partnership with L7 Informatics will address one of the biggest challenges in pharma – siloed data and technologies. Together we will combine data intelligence and Integrated technology platform to bring the data-process-people and technology together so that industry can bring quality drug products to people”.

Vasu Rangadass, Ph.D., President and CEO of L7 Informatics, is also excited about the partnership, stating, “We believe that digital transformation in the pharma and life science industry requires breaking down the barriers of data silos and embracing a process and data-centric approach. This methodology creates a more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable model. Through our partnership with Global Value Web, we are committed to building a standardized data backbone, removing technology silos, and enabling rapid and informed decision-making.”

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Listen to an interview of L7’s CEO Vasu Rangadass, Ph.D. and GVW’s founder Louis Hendriks by the Science Advisory Board at Cell and Gene Meeting on the Med 2022.