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L7|ESP; Data+Intelligence for the Scientific Enterprise

by Vasu Rangadass | posted on December 29, 2021


L7 Informatics aspires to help life-sciences, research, and manufacturing organizations accelerate success in today’s data-driven world.

At the intersection of information, process, and people – we see the opportunity for your company to achieve “data+intelligence.” The ability to “unlock” your organizational capabilities and create an engine for growth and transformation – to realize the ultimate value of your data and processes – all while confidently navigating a complex business and regulatory landscape.

As a comprehensive Digital Life-Sciences Platform, L7|ESP provides the environment for your scientists and engineers to co-innovate to improve process velocity, operational efficiency, and compliance via data-integrity, with continuous improvement and increasing ‘data+intelligence.’

This is what L7’s customers are accomplishing with L7 today.

Whether it is increasing velocity for rapid whole-genome sequencing to diagnose rare diseases, improving the efficiency of cell manufacturing, QC, and clinical trials – or strengthening the integrity for CAR-T quality control and manufacturing – L7’s Digital Life-Sciences Platform accelerates the journey while unlocking your collective data+intelligence.

I invite you to explore our customer case studies and be inspired by the many ways L7 could help your scientific-enterprise realize ‘data+intelligence’ across the how, when, and where your data is created and used across enterprise & scientific processes, including key partners.

Take the first step and contact L7 to speak with one of our application scientists. We are eager to hear about the kind of ‘data+intelligence’ you envision driving your next phases of discovery and growth.


Vasu Rangadass, Ph.D., is the president and CEO at L7 Informatics, Inc., a leader in life sciences workflow and data management.
Previously, Dr. Rangadass was the Chief Strategy Officer at NantHealth, following its acquisition of Net.Orange, the company he founded, to provide an enterprise-wide platform to simplify and optimize care delivery processes in health systems.
Before Net.Orange, Vasu was the first employee of i2 Technologies (currently Blue Yonder), which later grew to be a global company that revolutionized the supply chain market through innovative approaches based on the principles of Six-Sigma, operations research, and process optimization.