5 Strategies To Improve Lab Efficiency

We can all agree that labs are being inundated with more and more tasks, more data-rich technologies, and the need to develop new strategies for dealing with this new reality. Just as we have become more efficient in managing our lives (think about the impact of smartphones), it’s important to apply similar principles of efficiency to our labs. While existing laboratory information management systems (LIMS) provide a good start to tackling this problem, there remain inefficiencies prevalent in the laboratory environment, especially as samples move from person to person and through the laboratory process, including steps in the wet lab, in data generation, and in computational/bioinformatics environments.

At L7 Informatics, our highly experienced core team is quite familiar with the inefficiencies present in most labs. This white paper identifies five inefficiencies we’ve commonly seen and explores ways you can make your lab more efficient using a fully customizable workflow engine.