The Lab7 High-Performance Genomic Cloud Shows 95 Percent Time Savings Over Competitors

A major agricultural genomics company in Malaysia was facing a significant maintenance burden from on-premises data centers, prompting it to explore cloud-based solutions in late 2016. The company needed to reduce its turnaround time and its computational, storage, and data transfer resources for performing genomic research aimed at developing biofuel alternatives to fossil fuels.

Three options were selected for the company’s evaluation, Lab7 High-Performance Genomic Cloud among them. The testers ran 50 whole human genomes at 10x depth through each system using a standard BWA/GATK pipeline. They compared each system’s time to complete the workload and found that using Lab7’s High-Performance Genomic Cloud could result in up to a 95 percent time savings for this organization over current processes and competitors.

Lab7 combined IBM Spectrum LSF, IBM Spectrum Scale, and 10g internal networking, all run by Lab7’s Enterprise Science Platform, to create the High-Performance Genomic Cloud, the fastest and most cost-effective cloud computing resource for scientists.

Download the full case study and Genomic Cloud white paper to learn more about the High-Performance Genomic Cloud and the key differentiators the system has over commodity-based cloud solutions.