Rethinking Data Management to Accelerate Discoveries in Life Sciences

In a library, readers generally use a catalog to search for a specific book in order to avoid the time and energy of searching for books on every shelf. Similarly, this is precisely what L7 Informatics Enterprise Science Platform (ESP) does in the life-sciences big data space. “In the current digital health scenario, large volumes of data is generated on a constant basis is often not cataloged in an appropriate manner,” states Vasu Rangadass, Ph.D., President and CEO, L7 Informatics, “making it difficult for analysts to glean insights from them.” Unlocking the full potential of clinical research and trials, L7 ushers in a focused way of managing data and solving complex problems in the life sciences world. This customer-centric scientific information management (SIM) solution provider enables life science and healthcare companies to connect people, processes, and systems to accelerate discoveries and drive precision healthcare. As revealed by Rangadass, there are a lot of silos between various process owners in precision medicine and translational research workflows. Information does not flow easily between the various departments such as sample/bio-repository management, wet lab and bio-informatics. Information flow is even poorer across companies – between life sciences companies, Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) and the health systems. This lack of information flow regarding the patients and samples obstructs the workflow and hinders positive operational and health outcomes.

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