welcome to biobuilds.org!


BioBuilds is a curated and versioned collection of Open Source bioinformatics tools for genomics, pre-built for Linux on both x86 and IBM Power Systems platforms and for Mac OS X. By including all supporting libraries, BioBuilds eliminates the need to maintain and build your own versions of these tools – no more dealing with dependency hell. BioBuilds also enables reproducibility by providing a reference point that ensures you and your collaborators are all using the same versions of tools.

BioBuilds helps you maintain your informatics environment:

• A standard, platform independent, relocatable package structure enables easy deployment.
• Versioned binary releases of all tools aid in validation and reproducibility.
• Vendor optimized versions of specific tools ensure high performance on cutting edge hardware.
• Inclusion of all supporting libraries ensures tools “just work”.
• A single source of provenance for all tools streamlines certification processes (e.g., FDA, CLIA).
• And, of course, by providing binaries, BioBuilds removes the need to build tools yourself, saving time and sanity.

BioBuilds is updated twice a year, typically in November and April. Updates incorporate the most recent stable versions of all existing tools and will also include new tools. Previous releases will always be available for download, ensuring you can recreate a bioinformatics environment based on older versions easily.

Is your favorite package missing from BioBuilds? Do we need to update a tool or include a previous version? Contact us!! Licenses permitting, we’re happy to add any package to BioBuilds.

For more details on the motivations behind BioBuilds, check out our poster from the Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (BOSC 2014).