BioBuilds 2017.05

BioBuilds 2017.05 is the first major release of 2017. This release uses Continuum Analytics’ (mini)conda installer and builds on the 2016.11 release by adding 23 packages and updating 19 existing ones. Please refer to the “Applications in BioBuilds 2017.05” table below for more details.

This release also introduces the “biobuilds-opt” package for Linux on x86_64 and Linux on POWER, which installs the “opt” feature into your BioBuilds (conda) environment. This feature will preferentially install “alternative” versions of select tools built using the hardware vendor’s development toolchain (Intel Parallel Studio XE for x86_64 and IBM Advance Toolchain 10.0 for POWER), which in most cases, provide better performance than their counterparts built using the standard gcc-based toolchain.

After installing conda, you can install BioBuilds 2017.05 by running:

The above command will install the “opt”-enabled versions of various tools, if available. If, for some reason, you prefer _not_ to use “opt”-enabled tools, simply omit the “biobuilds-opt” package from the `conda create` command; i.e.,

Adding “/path/to/biobuilds-2017.11/bin” to your $PATH environment variable (for example, by setting it in your ~/.bash_profile) will then allow you to run BioBuilds applications without providing a full path. Please refer to the “BioBuilds 2017.11 Release Notes” for additional information about other installation options (including partial installs) and required system libraries.