Digital Transformation: Integrating Automated Data Management Systems to Advance CGT Manufacturing and Improve Process Control

October ​13​, 202​2​

Trent Carrier, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer, L7 Informatics (moderator)

Sammy Datwani, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Development, Synthego
Kevin Gordon, Chief Digital Officer, Ori Biotech
Delara Motlagh, Ph.D., General Manager, Cell Therapy Technologies, Terumo BCT
Yan Zhang, Ph.D., CEO, Mission Bio

This workshop discussion explore​s​ ways in which advancements in data capture, data interrogation and analytics ​can improve advanced therapies product manufacture. Innovations in data processing ​can help to optimize manufacturing and process development efforts, decreasing associated time and costs. The session explores how some of the most advanced technology companies are refining and implementing these processes.